Why Fascia Stretch Therapy?

Enhance your daily living experience. Improve your sports performance. Fascia, the most influential structure in determining flexibility, plays a role in many metabolic and physical functions that affect the body’s overall wellness. Over time, as a result of both exercise and stress, the fascia can become distorted and contribute to many health problems.

Fascia Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretch and manipulation treatment that realigns the body’s fascia. When you are treated by a certified flexibility therapist your fascia is stretched and reorganized to an extent otherwise unattainable through conventional stretching methods.

Danny Vanaphan is certified to provide facial stretch therapy sessions based on Ann & Chris Frederick’s Stretch-to-Win techniques.

Fascia Stretch Therapy
• Increases overall flexibility
• Increases joint flexibility
• Releases tight muscles
• Improves circulation
• Increases strength
• Decreases stress
• Reduces pain