Murray McBride, Age 63

I was weak, had aching knees and joints and believed that the decline of age was setting in. Working with Danny inspires confidence, and that led me to give dedicated effort during our workouts; confidence also led me to gradually lose 33 pounds. Early in my training, I learned that my knees ached because the joints were touching “bone-on-bone” which would require total replacement of both knees. I was not "ready" when the doc first gave me this news, and delayed for almost a year. With my permission Danny consulted my medical and rehab team; he then literally trained me for surgery, rehab and recovery. My recovery of function is still regarded by my surgeon and rehab staff as one of the most successful in their experience. Danny showed me by example and by training how to live toward a capable and strong physical life no matter what my age or medical condition. This gift inspires me daily and together with my willingness to work at it, contributed to my remarkable medical recoveries and to the quality of life I still am blessed to enjoy.


Shari Kutac, Age 50

After 19 years of yoyo dieting and exercising, I decided to join the No Xcuses AM Fitness Camp. Thirteen months later, I have added Pilates classes twice a week as well as personal training once a week also with Danny. In total, I have lost 70 pounds and 4 pant sizes! And, although these losses have been spectacular, the benefits that I have gained in terms of health, confidence and overall vitality have vastly outweighed the inches and pounds. I wake up every morning feeling energized, and I am currently training for my 1st triathlon in October. In addition to his wonderful workouts which he varies every morning in order to keep them continually interesting and challenging, Danny takes a personal interest in his clients in order to keep them motivated, and even going so far as to write up workouts for me to do when going out of town. I recommend Danny with the highest regard to all of my friends and family.

This is just a few of the many success stories of satisfied clients.

Dona Gambrel, Age 66

Thanks to Danny, I am now healthier at 66 than I was at 46.
I now run, attend spinning classes, work out in great group classes and weight train. I am 40 pounds lighter! Everyone needs a trainer that is full of energy, caring with more faith in you than you have in yourself. That is Danny!

Maria Rodriguez

After years of going to the gym and just working out, I decided to challenge myself to train for a fitness competition. So I started training with a friend who is a personal trainer. As if training and dieting for the competition wasn’t challenging enough. I decided to join the AM Fitness Camp at the Memorial Wellness Center. The extra cardio and weight training I did in the fitness camp helped spiced up my workouts and it made it fun. Thanks to the challenging workouts, in the fitness camp and outside training I made new friends, feel better and won second place in the competition.

Beverly Harris, Age 59

Danny always encouraged me to continue lifting, pushing, and pulling even when I thought I had no more strength left in my body. At the end of my first year I began getting compliments on how fit I was looking. I have Danny to thank for all of his encouragement. He believed in me and this made me a believer.

Cindy Ly

Danny is an energetic, positive and encouraging trainer!  But most of all, he is the consummate professional and genuinely cares about his clients.  Over the past 6 years, Danny has been my trainer and my friend.  He has cheered me on in my fitness achievements and transformed my body for my wedding.  The variety of exercise and the balanced approach Danny created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself.  I am amazed at the time and care he puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise.  Thank you Danny!

Kim Hruska

Danny has changed my life. He is a serious contributor to health and well being and is always focused on keeping you engaged and in attendance.


Rosie Elgueta, Age 74

Much appreciation for the time and guidance you give in each training session. Two years ago, Danny told me I will be able to do pull ups without any assistance and I just laughed. Now at 73 years of age, I can do 15 without any assistance. You are the best!

Dawn Riggs

Although I exercised daily prior to the Fitness Camp, I never pushed to my maximum exercise level. Through hard work and Danny's training and encouragement, I lost 71lbs within eight months. Inspite of this, I celebrate my one year successes: 10 inches lost from waist; 12 inches lost from hips; average blood pressure 104/74; HDL/Good Cholesterol 89. I am very thankful to Danny for his expertise and commitment to his clients success. I can honestly say he pushes me to do my very best and as a result I am now on the path to becoming my very best.

Rosemary Qurioz

Danny’s guidance, encouragement and “push” is exactly what I need to make strides in my fitness journey. I have had trainers in the past, but he is by far the best. His gift is inspiring his students to dig in and one way or another find the determination to strive to be fit. Thank you for all you do!

Floria Perez

Danny’s enthusiasm and ability to motivate has resulted in helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle and fitness level. Thank you for being true to your passion as a trainer and fitness specialist. I greatly appreciate you! God bless.

Janis McRae

Thank you Danny for giving me back my swagger!

Jennifer Miller

I have always exercised at some level and had been coming to the Wellness Center early in the morning for years.  I watched the people in Danny's AM Fitness Challenge Class and thought, "I could never do that!"...but a new year's resolution to lose some weight found me signing up with the idea that I would try the class for a couple of weeks.   I have now been coming to the class regularly for over a year and a half, and I have no intention of stopping!  I have dieted off and on my whole life, but this is the first time I have made real lifestyle changes to be healthier.  I am so much stronger, more fit and feel so proud of myself for the changes I have made. The class is filled with terrific people of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels, but they are all friendly and encouraging, and they make exercising together fun.  Lots of us have signed up for relay teams for a triathalon next month.....that is something I would have never been able to do without Danny's training and encouragement!  At age 60, I am in the best shape of my life!   

Matti Terrell

Looking back I did not want to accept that I was in denial when it came to my health. I would start and stop exercise programs only to lose and gain weight. The roller coaster ride changed when I started training with Danny Vanaphan in 2009. He incorporates cardio and strength training to my daily routine. I have since added Pilates Reformer classes in order to develop my core strength, flexibility, and coordination. I have lost over 45 pounds and no longer look at working out as a chore!

Shannon Wesley

Since moving to Houston, I have been training with Danny since 2005. After having three children, he has helped me achieve my optimal fitness level. Taking Pilates and Fascial Stretch therapy sessions has increased my flexibility dramatically within just a few sessions. If you want to transform and tone your body, Danny is your guy!

David Wesley

After retiring from the NBA, I came to Danny to work on sport specific training for my golf game. He emphasized a lot on my balance and core rotation. He made me a believer as I had one of my best outings on the golf course the very next day. Whichever type of athlete you are, if you want to bring your game to the next level, Danny will take you there!

Juan “Poncho” Copado

I started training with Danny during my amateur career, and now I am an undefeated pro boxer. I have gotten faster, stronger, and smarter and I look forward to making it to the top with Danny by my side.


Etan Mirwis

Working out with Danny twice a week for the past two years has helped me get my high cholesterol under control –Annual prescription savings $240

Losing a total of 35 pounds made my life insurance medical profile go from standard to preferred to preferred plus – Annual life insurance premium savings $2,000

Being able to play basketball with my teenage sons – Priceless

Megan Shanahan

Danny has been my trainer for about 6 years now. I knew him prior to college and when I came back from School I had gained 30lbs. He always has given me 100 percent and pushed me through some tough times in my life. Danny turned my physical health back to what it should be at 25 years old. You don't find too many trainers who put in the effort and motivation toward you like he does. Although I still struggle, he has NEVER given up on me or anyone else for that matter. I have recently lost 23lbs of that 30 I had gained and couldn't have done it without him. Danny has not only helped me but more importantly, has continued to believe in me; for that I'm ever so grateful. He is stuck with me for life! Thank you Danny!

Margaret Hamilton

I used to be a bit flabby and pretty lazy about working out. I was going to the gym a couple of days a week but not seeing any results. One day Danny persuaded me to add his AM Fitness class to my routine. That was 18 months ago. Since then my body has taken on a different shape and I've dropped two dress sizes. I look and feel like a different person. My energy level is up, my blood pressure is down and, my body is addicted to the exercise. Danny’s routines are energizing and challenging. When you train with him you work hard, you sweat, and you see and feel the results. Thanks to him I am in the best shape of my life, and getting better! His motto is No Excuses. If you want results and a trainer who cares, you need Danny Vanaphan. Just do it.