Personal Training

When it comes to really making changes in your body and life, there’s nothing like having your own personal trainer to give you the accountability, attention, and motivation to make progress and succeed. With one-on-one personal training, you’ll benefit from individual supervision. A program will be designed specifically for you based on your goals. The program will incorporate scientific exercise progression and specific target-area training. Workouts are varied and interesting with innovative techniques to get you the best fitness results in less time, compared to when you work out on your own.

With professional guidance, you can avoid those plateau periods in your progress or the sporadic periods of absence from working out due to loss of motivation. Also important is that personal training allows you to learn new and correct exercise techniques and avoid injury. In addition, you will receive nutrition advice and tips on how to make long-term lifestyle changes.



No Xcuses A.M. Fitness Camp

Group training is great for someone wanting to begin their path towards fitness, to change up their current exercise habits, to speed up their fitness goal attainment, or someone needing extra motivation or excitement in their workouts.

Join our No Xcuses AM Fitness Camp. Workouts are 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) in a group setting. Danny leads you through challenging, full body, weight training workouts that will get your heart racing, your blood pumping, and your motivation levels high.

Workouts are varied daily to target all areas and keep things entertaining. Within weeks you’ll notice a difference in your strength, your energy, and your overall fitness level. Group training offers you the benefits of having professional guidance at a fraction of the cost of private training, and perhaps best of all, it’s FUN!!